Wire-wround Inductor Testing And Packaging Machine, FMS-500L  

FMS-500L is for testing and packaging the wire-wround inductors. Inductors are arranged and fed by the bowl and the linear feeders, and moved to each station by the vacuum chunks of the rotating tower. Positioning and testing are applied at different stations. The bad DUTs are ejected and the good ones are sealed into the tape.



  • Friendly user interface
  • Controlled by PLC
  • Index (12 divisions)
  • Material testing mechanism (not including the instruments)
  • Bad chip rejection mechanism
  • Automatic sealing mechanism

  • DUT: 0603 Power Inductor
  • Carrier Tape: 16 mm wide EMBOSS / 12 mm in pitch
  • Capacity: 80 pcs/min for 0603 inductors
  • Testing: 3 stations
  • Positioning: 2 stations
  • Badness rejection: 1 station and 5 categories
  • Power: Single-phased AC220V
  • Dry Air: 5 Kg/c㎡
  • Dimension: 1,350 mm x 680 mm x 1,950 mm (including the lamp tower)
  • Weight: around 350 Kg


Wire-wround inductors



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