Chip Resistor Cutting Machine, NYB Series  

NYB series is for cutting the chip resistors at the second cutting stage. It can reject the mis-placed chips automatically and guarantee the correctness.



NYB series is suitable for chip resistors in different sizes. It is easy to operate and maintain, and has high throughput.

  • DUT: 0402 chip resistors
  • Bin dimension: 63W x 12D x 75H, customization accepted
  • Capacity: Around 180 pcs/min
  • Cutting speed: 3 ~ 35 m/min
  • Belt dimension: 30W x 800L
  • Bin mechanism: 20 bins and automatically replaced in 5.5 seconds
  • Mis-placement action: Direct rejection or stop if rejection fails
  • Power: Single-phased AC220V
  • Dry air: 5 ㎏/c㎡
  • Dimension: 960W x 580D x 1,400H w/o lamp tower, or 960W x 580D x 1,850H w/ lamp tower
  • Weight: Around 200 ㎏


Chip resistors



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