About Jie Kuen Precision Technologies

In 1994, our President, Mr. Lin, Hong-Jen, founded Jie Kuen Company and developed the automation machines for the electronics industry. In order to enlarge the business and expand the products, in 2011, Jie Kuen Precision Technologies was then founded to develop and sell the high-integrated automation systems.

Our major products include the vision inspection machines, the automatic printing machines, the resistor cutting machines, and the inductor testing and packaging machine. Jie Kuen also provides the customization service and designs and manufacture the tailored machines by requests.

The major sales territories include Taiwan, China, and East Asia. Insisting of the self-design and the high quality, Jie Kuen has solid knowledge and rich experience on the automation area, and earns lots of trust and reputations from customers.

Company Facts
  • Registered Name: Jie Kuen Precision Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Tax ID: 53625497
  • President: Lin Hong-Jen
  • Address: 1F.-2, No.11, He-Ai Street, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City 33051, Taiwan R.O.C.
  • Telephone: +886-3-3554380
  • Fax: +886-3-3268225

Core Technologies
  • Motion control and trace planning of tiny objects
  • Vibration system design
  • Precise positioning
  • Motor control
  • Image processing
  • Optical system design
  • Electro-mechanical system design

Welfare and Regulations
  • Bonus: Overtime bonus, non-leave bonus, year-end bonus, and stock dividend.
  • Insurance: Labor insurance, health insurance, and labor pension.
  • Vocation:Weekends, national holidays, and annual leave.