Automatic Screen Printing Machine, NSP-150 / NDP-150  

NSP-150 / NDP-150 are the professional screen printing machines of the ceramic substrates of chip resistors. The machine is full automatic and easy to operate. The screen can be 2-dimensionally shifted and rotated independently, and vertically moved by the motor. Each dimension equips a meter for the assistance.



  1. Pre-process the ceramic substrates to maintain the smooth operation and the quality.
  2. Checked defects: insufficient dimension, fragment, adhering, and pores.
  3. Friendly user interface makes troubleshooting and adjustment convenient. The production is easily monitored.

  • Substrate: 60 mm x 70 mm for middle CR/CA, 49.5 mm x 60 mm for small CR/CA (thickness 0.25 mm ~ 1.0 mm).
  • Capacity: 1,700 cm/min. 2.2 sec/piece at 100 mm stroke.
  • Positioning: Central positioning with the linkage mechanism.
  • Feeder: 2 bins (220 mm tall). Substrates lifted by the 2-speed motor.
  • Screen dimension: 240 mm x 290 mm x 16 mm. Holder is required for the small screen.
  • Screen Adjustment: X: ±3 mm, Y: ±3 mm, Z: +3 mm, θ: ±1°, each dimension equips a meter.
  • Blade stroke: Maximum 150 mm.
  • Blade position: Programmable.
  • Blade speed: 50 ~ 2,500 cm/min programmable.
  • Blade mechanism: Precision lead screw with 10 mm moving distance + 400-watt servomotor.
  • Printing cylinder: Precision valve + digital pressure meter + low-friction cylinder.
  • Printing force: 2.0 ~ 7.0 kg
  • Inking speed:50 ~ 1,000 cm/min programmable.
  • Clamp array: 610 mm wide for each clamp. The substrate distance is programmed from 52 mm to 85 mm.
  • Oven entry: 800 ± 30mm in height
  • Drying speed: at least 9 inch/min for NSP-150, 18 inch/min for NDP-150.
  • Controller: PLC + color user interface
  • Power: Single-phased AC110V
  • Dry air: 5 Kg/c㎡ (around 1.5 hp)
  • Dimension:1,920W x 900D x 1,100H for NSP-150, 3,130W x 1,000D x 1,100H for NDP-150. (lamp tower not included)
  • Weight: 300Kg for NSP-150, 600Kg for NDP-150.


Chip resistors


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